Local Guide: UX | UI

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LocalGuide is an app that provides information and recommendations about where people can go and what to see in different cities around the world. It offers maps, audio, video, photographic and textual content for tours, directions, restaurants, and other topics. The business traveler needs an easy way to find social outings like bars around them because they like to explore a city extemporaneously after their meetings or business obligations have concluded for the day.

Our Approach

We want to make sure the users have the most streamlined experience that allows flexibility on their schedule. Not every user has the same time constraint as everyone else, so in a way, it would semi-personalize to them and their needs using questionnaires for each city that they visit.

Product Requirements

  • Maps of the location nearby them would pinpoint where they could go without much long travel time
  • Calendar of the locations that are hosting events with details and attendance of people that may be from the same conference.
  • Hot notices of events that are happening during that day with map/ GPS locations.
  • Offline downloads when no service connection (for visiting out of the country)
  • "Quick guides" for time constraints, 20 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days.
  • Provide questionnaires that would personalize the experience.