Craigslist Redesign Challenge


Position: Product Designer

Time limit: 5 Hours

Platform: Native iOS App | Responsive Design

Tools: Sketch and Invision Studios

Prototype: Invision

Problem Statement

Craigslist is one of the most popular websites in the world, serving over millions of users monthly who use the site to post or view ads. While its success story is evident in its product but it’s user experience and the way the design is constructed. The specific challenge was to redesign the shopping experience for the users, powering by second party app to help users find second-hand furniture for their homes. Users are overwhelmed with so many listings but not enough filtering system. We discovered that time is essential for the users to make a quick decision but using Craigslist, and our users shared that they were overwhelmed with so many links and pages and no specific areas that allowed to start their shopping experience quickly.

Product Requirements

  • Native and responsive experience for users.

  • Upgraded filtering system.

  • Better and simple visibility allowing a cleaner and modern look.

  • Organized hierarchy and flow.

  • Improved accessibility, using minimal Call to action buttons and icons.

Our Approach

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 10.23.44 AM.png

I took the liberty to revamp this product by initially doing competitor analysis. I did not find good examples of online ad posting services, so I switched my mission to online e-commerce experience, such as Walmart, Target, Shopify to name a few. What set them apart was the simple interaction and flow along with good UI that made users finish their shopping experience. I did consider Walmart's approach, but their navigation between different categories was similar to Craigslist. I took several ideas along the board.

  • Tag System: tagging for users to correctly use in a filter will allow them to break down into more straightforward research so they can figure out what exactly they want.

  • Second Navigation Header: Instead of having 100% everything in the header I broke the header down to two parts, allowing fast one-click search then if they wanted to, they could filter down to specific tags that they will apply to in their detailed search.

    Finally, with the idea of simple UI, I wanted to keep Craigslist’s color styling as it does work for low vision users, but again its use of white space is a bit poor, so I took that as a challenge to recreate the white space. Lastly, I switched from Ariel font to Roboto as its most universal but allowing the app to keep its homage to the craigslist’s relationship with Times New Roman.

Final Thoughts

Since this project was allotted 5 hours, I would use the second phase to explore further:

  • Filter system: Fully expand within the search to maximize the search results, especially with “keywords,” as I wondered how much keywords are we going to ask our users.

  • Contact seller: I also thought about areas of contacting seller, I didn’t go further into that section but if we were to contact seller, would it be better to keep them within on the site instead of having them be forced to switch apps as soon as we click on the CTA Button.

  • Front page design: I also would further explore more on the front page to offer more tags within the categories for the one-step process to help users purchase efficiently.