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UX/UI Designer




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Hello! I am Melissa, although usually known as Meli.


I am a multifaceted designer that is always excited to act as an advocate for a robust and accessible design process. I enjoy problem-solving of all shapes and sizes, (may be why I always loved puzzles and legos as a kid). I have an interest in inclusive design and emerging technologies such as IOT and Artificial Intelligence.

I am able to take ideas from concept to wireframe to prototype to final product. I’m always looking for new opportunities to solve significant problems. Also, finally, my superpowers include unique lip-reading and interpreting body language.


What I can do for you

UX Strategy, Iterative Prototyping, Wireframing,
Usability Testing, UI / Visual Design, Product Management, Accessible Design, Mobile/Desktop Apps, Design System + Libraries

Tools commonly used

Bohemian Sketch, Abstract, Invision Studio, Figma, Keynote, Lookback.io,Airtable



melissa.manak@gmail.com | 312.970.9437

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Jason Ruzicka

UX Designer

Convo Communications

“I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa on the UX/UI team at Convo Communications. We have worked on a few projects including the launch of our new mobile app and she has always been a reliable team player. Melissa is very passionate about getting involved in the design community and learning new things by attending UX conferences and workshops. If you are looking for someone who is a user advocate with expertise in accessibility, I would highly recommend Melissa.”

Joshua Shaffner

Technology Director

Convo Communications

“Melissa is truly one of a kind that you don’t come across often. She is an extremely talented designer with a great personality! Her colleagues love working with her that they speak highly of her and her design work. Whenever a team is little stuck in coming up with UI that just works - which is not easy! Melissa would offer some out-of-box ideas leading to a clever solution that everyone would be happy with. In a fast-paced and demanding environment, even for platforms which Melissa had never designed for like Android and Windows, she would just dive in, quickly adopt new tools, study design guidelines, wholeheartedly embrace feedback from colleagues and customers before returning with beautiful design work.

In the end, customers get to enjoy the products proudly built by team members like Melissa who gives it all.”

Tara Goderez

Sr. Experience Designer


“Melissa and I worked together at Designation where she continually impressed me with her creativity and design skills. She brings great energy and positivity to teams that she works on, and is incredibly encouraging and supportive of her teammates. She helped me and other teammates become better designers by helping us understand how accessibility fits into our work, sharing both her personal experiences and other resources and information. 

Melissa has an excellent visual design sense and always had great feedback and suggestions on how to improve designs and interactions. I still go to her when I need a different perspective on a design problem, knowing she’ll have great ideas I haven’t thought of. In addition to producing top-notch designs, Melissa is great with clients and can effectively present her work and gain their trust and confidence. ”

Cristian Carrasco

Windows Software Engineer

Convo Relay

“Working with Melissa has been an exceptional experience since she is very professional and creative. Achieving progress in this project would not have been possible without the constant support of their ideas since it is not easy to work with graphics in windows projects (WinForms applications are very limited in terms of interface management). We have managed to reach a balance between a minimalist and very functional design, integrating in an extraordinary way the world of design and software development.

I must emphasize her ability to work as a team and be always available to support ideas and solutions to complex problems.”

Courtney Hrejsa

Project Director

Chicago Public Schools

“Melissa consistently went above and beyond to meet the needs of my team. She is an innovative and persistent problem solver with great graphic design chops. Melissa always stayed in clear communication and responded nimbly in a fast-paced environment. I really enjoyed working with her, and I know she’ll be a great asset to the lucky organization that brings her on.”

Larry O’hannes

CTE Assessment Specialist

Chicago Public Schools

“It was my good fortune to get to know Melissa in a professional capacity during her Education Technology Fellowship as a Public Ally AmeriCorps Member. Melissa was placed at Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in which I leveraged her expertise in communications and graphic design for the benefit of the Early College and Career Education department (ECCE). As a team member within ECCE, I was charged with finding an effective means to support our communications efforts for our internal audience. Melissa was integral in guiding me through an internal communications analysis, ultimately leading to the creation of an effective intranet web site in support of the multitude of CPS constituencies that rely on ECCE. 

In an overarching sense, from my first encounter with Melissa until her last deliverable for the site, I found her to be reliable, dedicated, and eternally upbeat. Melissa multitasks effectively, is able to handle a high-volume workload, and always managed to deliver prior to mutually agreed-upon deadlines. I was most impressed with her sense of teamwork, especially when it came to making certain we were satisfied with the end results. Melissa took great pride in going above and beyond our requirements and expectations. Upon completion of the project and the site becoming active, I regularly received unsolicited praise from other members of the team I am a part of. I found it easy to commend Melissa’s outstanding level of service, professionalism and follow through. Melissa is a hard working, top-performing website service professional. She has my highest recommendation and I am more than happy to furnish additional details as you consider Melissa’s employment candidacy within your organization.”

Richard Goodrow, NIC

PHP Developer

Northwestern University

“I first met Melissa while teaching at Chicago’s Anixter Center, a social service organization. She served as the Deaf Literacy Specialist, coordinating my “Introduction to Technology” classes to adult members of Chicago’s deaf community. During the sessions that my schedule could not align with the class, without a hesitation, she stepped in to teach sessions on “Using Social Media in your Job Search” and giving demonstrations such as “Using Technology for Independent Living” hosted at Chicago’s Michigan Ave Apple Store. Whereas I taught the mechanics of a personal computer, she added an array of context to the topic matter on how individuals could improve their lives with these tools. Her enthusiasm is uplifting and her drive continues to impress me. I have been amazed at what she was able to accomplish in both her professional, personal, and civic life. I witnessed her champion the inclusion of disabled individuals when she co-chaired the bicycle and transportation committee in her home Ward 49’s 2014 public budgeting process. She continually advocates for the inclusion of individuals with special needs in the process — people who would otherwise be easy to overlook. Melissa is also a natural advocate. She founded the Deaf Velo Alliance, a cycling association advocating for Deaf individuals cycling in Chicago. She hopes to expand its advocacy to not only the deaf community, but to other disability communities across the spectrum..Moreover, she accomplished all the aforementioned while earning a Master’s Degree in Geography from University of North Carolina-Charlotte. She explained to me that, to approach a more inclusive society, we must first start by designing for everyone.”



Contact me for full-time or even Contract roles, or to simply talk shop about design.

If you are around the windy city, then give me a shout out (not literally since I can’t hear) and we can grab coffee ( or tea if you like that). Let’s get to work!

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